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Car financing from Columbia Chrysler Richmond

At Columbia Chrysler we have solutions so you can finance your new or pre-owned Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM. It doesn’t matter what your credit rating is, or if you have no credit rating. We’re here to help.

Financing for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM

Get pre-approved online
Get pre-approved online

The car payment calculator helps you work out how much your monthly or bi-weekly car payments will be. Just add the cost of the vehicle, a down payment or trade-in value, and estimate your loan’s interest rate. You’ll see an estimated payment.

Get pre-approved online
Select your payment

Choose your loan repayment so that it works for your budget. Your interest rate will be impacted by your credit score. Even with a poor credit score, we can get financing for you.

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Why choose Columbia Chrysler financing?

You can be approved for competitive rates in just a few minutes. With connections with Canada’s big lenders, Chrysler Canada financing, and Go Auto financing to get you the car loan or lease you need. We’ll work with you through the process and help you with any questions.

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First-time buyer

We put thousands of first-time buyers behind the wheel each year. Let’s work together and get you the loan or lease you need.

Bad or no credit

There are plenty of credit solutions available for car buyers with low or no credit. And we can access them for you. Let Columbia Chrysler car finance work with you toward your next vehicle, even if you’ve declared bankruptcy in the past.

New to Canada

Are you new to Canada and British Columbia? Columbia Chrysler is the dealership that can help you get a new or used vehicle. It can be daunting getting financing as a newcomer. But don’t worry, we will get you approved! We are proud to offer the best car-buying experience in the region!

High rate on an existing loan

Stuck with a high-rate loan? There are solutions. Contact us and we can see if we can find a lower rate for you.

Extensive range of lenders

Our list of lenders includes:

AutoCapital Canada; AXIS; BMO; National Bank; CIBC; Coast Capital; Eden Park; General; Bank; iA Auto Finance; Lendcare; RBC; RIFCO; Santander Consumer; Scotiabank; Scotia Dealer Advantage; SCI Leasing; TD Auto Finance; and WS Leasing.

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Finance vs. lease?

When deciding on financing versus leasing, what's right for one person can be totally wrong for another.

What do I need to
get approved?

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Employment & income

Normally, you will need to be at your current job for three or more months and make at least $1,800/month. Other forms of income, including certain types of government assistance, may also be accepted.

Down payment

A down payment isn’t always required to buy a car, it will help. The less you have to borrow, the greater the chances a lender will approve a loan application.

Driver’s license

You need a valid driver’s license and be the age of majority in the province that you live in.

Current address

Please provide your current address details, including your monthly rent or mortgage payment.

Bank account

Lenders take loan payments directly out of your bank account each month. The easiest way to do this is to provide a void cheque or stamped pre-authorized payment form when your loan is approved.

Contact details

You'll need to give your full name, date of birth, phone number, and an email address to apply for a car loan.

Getting a Columbia Chrysler car loan and managing it

What should I bring to my first finance appointment?

Please gather together all the documents noted in the above section. They are: proof of income in the form of a payslip, a stamped pre-authorized payment form or a void cheque, or stamped pre-authorized payment form, contact, and your valid driver’s license.

Will I be approved?

Almost all people who apply for finance are approved. Even with a bankruptcy in your history or a low credit rating, you can be approved. Customers come from all kinds of financial backgrounds, and we work with them and get them finance or a lease agreement.

How are my car payments calculated?

Quite a few things influence your vehicle payments. They include your credit history; a down payment, the cost of the vehicle, and your income. We can discuss this in detail when you come to your appointment with our Finance team.

How do I budget for car payments?

Most financial advisors say a customer’s loan repayments should be at around 15% of your monthly gross income. We can help you look at your budget, too. And you can use our car payment calculator to experiment with different figures.  

What is my credit score?

Your credit score is a number from 300 to 850, with the higher end being excellent. It tells lenders what level of financial risk you are, and how likely you are to pay your bills on time.  

How is my credit score calculated?

Your credit rating is calculated on how you manage your money. These are the things that help contribute to a good credit score: paying bills on time and not missing payments; and having accounts in good standing.

Should I finance or lease?

Financing and leasing both have their pros and cons. What you choose should be based on your lifestyle and future plans. People who like having a vehicle under warranty and are OK with a limit on the annual miles they can drive should consider leasing. Financing is a good choice if you don’t mind your vehicle eventually being out of warranty, and you want to eventually own your vehicle. We can help you with your decision.

Can I qualify for financing on my first vehicle?

Yes, you can qualify for financing on your first vehicle. We have many options and lots of financial institutions to consider. Contact Columbia Chrysler for more information call us on 604 273-8018 to arrange your finance appointment for your first vehicle.

Can I finance a vehicle through Columbia Chrysler?

Yes, you can finance with Columbia Chrysler. We have relationships with Canada's major banks and lenders. As well, our parent company, Go Auto, can finance through Yes Financial.

Does Dodge offer 84-month financing?

Absolutely, we can meet longer-term financing requests, including 84 months.

Does Mopar offer financing?

In Canada, it's Chrysler Canada can offer financing for vehicles. Mopar Canada is the location for ordering parts, downloading owners’ manuals, parts, or purchasing a Mopar protection plan.